Welcome to the Law Offices of Sheldon R. Blum

Since 1978, the Law Offices of Sheldon R. Blum has provided 35 years of successful representation to thousands of seriously injured victims and grieving families, who have been injured or have suffered a wrongful death by someone’s negligence, recklessness or criminal conduct.  We are well recognized by insurance companies and peer attorneys as serious trial lawyers who work very hard for our clients.  

Mr. Sheldon R. Blum has extensive experience in Personal Injury law with a proven track record of obtaining substantial monetary recoveries for his clients.  We deliver year after year, and pride ourselves in making a significant financial difference in our client’s lives.  We will earn your trust and confidence.  We serve the community.

Mr. Blum always advocates the protection of his client’s rights and explores the various options and remedies available to establish the best course of action for your case.  Mr. Blum fully understands the legal process and provides personalized attention to all of his clients on a one-to-one level.  

Initial consultations are free, whether at the office, hospital, or your residence, in the event that you are unable to travel to us.   Flexible times are also available.   All cases are taken on a contingency attorney fee basis.  There is never any charge for attorney fees unless you receive money for your injures.  It costs you nothing to speak to us!

We are conveniently located at 2242 Camden Avenue, Suite 201, San Jose, CA 95124 (Camden Ave. @ Bascom Ave.), and welcome you to a private and free initial consultation.  If you act without legal representation, you may forfeit your remedies or unknowingly lose your rights.  Personal Injury attorney Mr. Sheldon R. Blum is the right choice for you and your family.